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Your running-related questions ANSWERED!

Running is great, right? I mean, who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh air in their lungs and a spring in their step? πŸƒ

But what about all those nagging questions about gears, injuries, safety, etcetera? 😳

These are real questions from real runners like yourself and I’ll answer all of them in this video. This would be helpful for all of us who are in the process of training for races or thinking about becoming a better runner.

We’ll look into:

πŸ’‘ How to be prepared for winter running
πŸ’‘ Why running on the treadmill is harder than outside
πŸ’‘ The best running split shorts
πŸ’‘ How to run hills during races
πŸ’‘ What to do if you’re feeling rundown during marathon training
πŸ’‘ How to get over plantar fasciitis.
πŸ’‘ Being safe while running on ice.

and more!

I hope these answers will give you some insight into some of your most common questions regarding running. πŸ˜‰

Have a question of your own? Post it in the comments and I’ll check back throughout the week to answer as many questions as possible.