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You don’t just have to run during a run

Hey there, Coach Kyle here 🙂 

Recently I went out for an easy nine miles and realized it offered me the opportunity to not just run, but do a few extra things to make my world and the world for others just a bit better.

You don’t just need to run when you go for a run!

What else can you do?

Well, in a single run I was able to:

1) Pick up a beer bottle and put it into a garbage/recycling bin.

2) Return a funeral home flag that fell off a car (not the first time I’ve done that!)

3) Say hello or wave to no less than five people/couples.

4) Do the Gambetta Strength Circuit 

How’s that for a good run?!

I try to pick up a single piece of trash every day during a walk or run, imagine if every runner did that! You’re turn 😉 

And doing intra-run strength work is great because you just do it and it’s done. No skipping it afterward or talking yourself out of it.

What neat thing have you done during a run, beside running? It could be anything from listening to an audiobook to helping someone lift something.  

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