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Wins out of Losses

Little Wins:

Recently I told a runner during an initial call who also happened to be a freelance consultant (but for businesses) that even having him randomly google for “online running coaches”, find a dozen options, and have me be one of the three he contacted was a WIN.

We clicked super well but he had one more call to do with a potential coach (the first was a dud) and I told him I appreciated even having him think I was worthy of spending an hour talking with.

It can go the same way with your training. Just because you don’t get your PR does not mean you didn’t WIN from the three months of injury-free training you had. A single off day does not take away from the fact that you hopefully had months of enjoyable training prior to the event.

Recently I talked a bit about this with a client of mine in India who had a great training campaign but race week and the race didn’t go well thanks to things mostly out of his control. 


You keep running, and I’ll keep coaching.

-Coach Kyle

You keep running, and I’ll keep coaching.

-Coach Kyle  |  facebook  |  twitter  |  instagram | youtube