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Why & How I Started Coaching


The above poster is hanging in my house.

When I saw it, it was the how I feel about life and my work, but put so perfectly into words.

Coaching people to help keep them injury free, running well, and reaching athletic goals increases their happiness and wellbeing. In turn this increases my happiness and wellbeing. It feelsĀ good too help people!

In college I have no doubt my studies in Clinical Nutrition suffers due to my personal studies of athletics. I was even lucky enough to be able to fit in some exercise physiology classes on the side.

I am a perpetual student, I hope to never stop learning. I was in a period of limbo in my life, having just completed a degree in Clinical Nutrition that I did not desire to continue practicing. My wife asked me what I would do if I didn’t have to work and then figure out how to get paid to do that. So, I realized that being a running coach is I would absolutely love to do. What runner wouldn’t like talking about running and helping others run, for a living?!

Eventually I realized that people in my network were coming to me for advice in regards to running. I took it a step further and began formally coaching people.