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What’s Inside a Wholier Multivitamin?

Hey PBers!

Today you’re going to learn about a company I’ve purchased from for a while now and that is a vegan supplement called Wholier.

First I’ll briefly talk about the company, then the business model, and then dive into the product itself.

To briefly tell you about the company, they launched in summer/fall of 2019 by Lisa Gonzalez-Turner as a multivitamin made of eight science backed vitamins and minerals in their most bio-active forms.

They use a quite interesting liquid-filled beadlet of delayed-released capsules designed to be taken at any time of the day with or without food and they suggest their product is tested through a third-party lab to confirm what’s on the ingredient list is what is inside the capsule.

Gonzalez-Turner, the founder of Wholier, previously worked at a superfood frozen meal delivery service and an Indian grab and go eatery prior to launching her own business where she wanted to create a supplement that was made of as whole-food sourced micronutrients as possible and only those that are truly potentially lacking in a vegan or vegetarian diet. She said she wanted to take the guesswork out of supplementing.

Aside from a single purchase option they also utilize and suggest a subscription model, which I find handy.

My wife and I simply receive a bottle a month at $29.00 monthly. They recommend taking two capsules daily but honestly we just split it and take one each day. My assumption is that half a serving of a great multi is better than either no multi-vitamin or a full serving of some junk Walmart multi-vitamin.

Their subscription platform is simple to use and you can pause or suspend it at any time and I’ve found they’re easy to communicate with via email if you have any questions.

They have a great return policy where if you’re not totally happy with what you received on your first order they will refund you in full if you request it within 30-days.

You first receive a forever glass bottle that is recyclable if you want but subsequent refills come in a backyard compostable package. The only plastic included is the lid on your reusable bottle.

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Now on to the actual ingredients. What I initially found intriguing about this product is where the micro nutrients of vitamin b12, omega 3, iodine, iron, zinc, vitamin d3, vitamin k2, and selenium are coming from.

Everything is non-GMO, gluten, nut, and soy free. The light citrus aroma comes from orange, lemon, and bergamot. The ingredients are third-party tested at multiple times during the manufacturing process to confirm that what’s on the label is what is in the bottle, the capsules are safe based on toxicology reports, and there are no contaminants or undeclared ingredients. You can email them at any time to see the most recent results of their batch testing.

Breaking down the ingredients quickly, we first have Vitmain B12 which is important for energy production, nerve and blood health. It’s not produced by our bodies but comes from Swiss grown sprouted quinoa.

The omega-3 comes from fermented microalgea and contains DHA and EPA to help with brain, immune system, and heart health.

Iron in the supplement is important for oxygen transportation and they include two different types.

Iodine helps create thyroid hormones used for various reasons and is sourced from Icelandic sea kelp.

Vitmain D3 helped with calcium absorption for bone health as well as for immunity, brain and nervous system health and is sourced from microalgea.

Vitmain K2 is important for mineral absorption and comes from fermented chickpeas.

Zinc helps with immunity and heal wounds and is a zinc citrate easily absorbed form.

And finally, selenium is a mineral that helps protect the body against cell damage and regulates your thyroid and metabolism and comes from yeast.

In conclusion, the reason I have trusted my multivitamin choice to Wholier is for a few reasons. They’re a small focused company that just has the single product that they decided and seemed to succeed at doing a great job with. They have excellent customer service and I like that we simply get a new refill every month. If the price is a bit much for you feel free to get a single bottle and split it between you and your partner or cut the dosage in half for yourself and just receive a bottle every other month.

To test it out go to and use code KYLE for 25% 🙂