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When a running mistake or injury can kill you.

The dangers of not wearing sun protection are often overlooked, but the UV rays can actually be deadly. ☠️

With spring here and summer on the horizon, many runners around the world will be getting a lot more direct sunlight ☀️ on their skin through training and simply spending time outdoors.

I admit in the past I used to not take my skincare and sun protection as seriously as I should have, and it’s a mistake I’m glad to correct.

Today you’ll learn some myths and advice about preventing this injury that could potentially give you cancer! 

We’ll talk about some of the most pressing questions below.

🔆 Does skin color or a tan protect against sunburn?
How does sunscreen work?
How much sunscreen should you use?
🔆 How does elevation affect sunscreen?
🔆 How does sunscreen SPF work?
What sunscreen works for running? 
Does sun protective fabric work for skin protection while running?

While many would not necessarily consider a sunburn a running-related injury, spending 1-4 hours outside in the sun multiple times a week means that this is something you need to potentially stop neglecting. 

Having said that, don’t be afraid to embrace the sun—just remember to wear protection.