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What I’ve Noticed While Running in Panama City, Panama


I’ve been living in Panama City, Panama, for the last few weeks and have noticed a lot of things while out running, that I thought I would share. 
  1. Almost no one runs between 9am and 6pm.
  2. Even though the heat index is 90 with 70% humidity, I still occasionally see people exercise outside in sauna suits.
  3. I’m confident every runner/walker within a mile of Parque Omar goes there to workout. Luckily, I’m living right next to it. There is another popular biking/running/walking path along the ocean where people go. I believe 90% of runners in the entire city will be at these two locations.
  4. That is because it is very very difficult to run on sidewalks. There are often cars parked on it and it’s more often than not very broken up and inconsistent – more like trail running than road running. It’s simply too difficult and dangerous to run on the road/sidewalk/among traffic
  5. I almost got hit by a giant parrot while running, yesterday.
  6. Navigating while out on the sidewalks/roads is very difficult because there are only street signs about half the time. Luckily my building is super tall so I can see it from far away (yes, I’ve gotten lost and just ran towards my building off in the distance to get back)
  7. Living for a month in the city here has made me extremely grateful for the Black Hill’s weather, easy trail access, and great roads/sidewalks nearly everywhere. We’re certainly lucky to live where we do!