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What are the best vegan running gels for 2022 marathons?

There’s no point in having the best training plan in the world if your nutrition is not where it should be. 💢

Making sure that you’re using appropriate fueling strategies is crucial if you want to race to the best of your abilities so I’d love to share some useful tips to help you pick out the best vegan running gel for yourself.

In this week’s video, 🎥 I’m going to go over three of my favorite vegan running fuel options.

You’ll surely benefit from learning:

🌰 Top 3 healthiest whole food plant-based sports fuel

🌰 How they work and why I like them

🌰 Which one I’m going to use this April at Boston

Let me know what you think of these and what you’ve used in the past that you really enjoy down in the comments.