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What ACTUALLY are the potential vegan deficiencies?

Curious about which nutrients you may be most likely to be deficient in or which vegan multi-vitamin may be the best? This video will answer just that! 💡

I was inspired by this video through a comment on another when someone mentioned searching for a vegan multi 💊 to best cover any potential deficiencies.

So I put together four separate scientific resources to find out which nutrients are the most likely or commonly mentioned vegan deficiencies AND I compared the stats of a few popular vegan multivitamins to see which one(s) covered the bases best.

We’ll dive into those four resources and try to answer 2 of the most common supplement-related questions vegan runners have such as:

🥦 What are the most common potential vegan deficiencies?

 🥦 Which vegan multivitamin is best?

Let me know in the comments if I missed out your favorite or any vegan multi worth mentioning. If you have questions you’d like me to tackle in my next video, feel free to drop a comment as well!