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Want VS Need

Lately I have been trying to change my mindset about things in running that I want vs items that I need.

The main focus of this internal discussion has been thinking about a GPS.

Currently, and for the past few years I’ve either been using my iPhone in an armband or a Suunto Footpod. Well the footpod is useless here in the mountains and I’m just getting sick of having an iPhone on my arm while running/racing.

Heck, part of me does not even want a GPS.

On one, I’d love to have a $399 wrist-top computer that can give me the temperature, elevation climbed, current vs goal pace, etc.

On the other hand, I enjoy going without a GPS for my easy runs.

My body does not care if I do my easy 5.25km running route in 28:45 but put 30 down, which is what I do when I do the route without a watch. I still did the workout exactly the same, and honestly, I’ve been finding them more enjoyable when not having something on my body recording my every movement.

The same goes for clothing. I would kill to own a pair of the Tracksmith $60 running shorts, I hear they’re amazing.

Yet, I did a recent run in a pair of Desi’s “normal” running shorts and it was totally fine, even though they may have came from Goodwill.

And finally, we go from want to damn near lust.

The photo above is the Tesla Model S, a fully electric 0-60 in 3.9 seconds beauty.

I want that so bad. So. Bad.

Yet, I barely drive! I’ve commuted on my new bike for over 200km since getting it. I love riding that thing. It feels good to ride it, but it also feels good to know I rode it instead of driving. I’ve saved almost $30 in gas money in under 2 months from simply riding my bike. That’s incredible, and makes me not want a car at all.

What is something you want, but have not purchased because it is not a need?

What is something you’ve wanted, and splurged a bit to get?