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Ultra Confessions #1

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I’m 18 weeks out from the Fargo Half Marathon, where I’m hoping to go sub 1:23 for a PR.

Training this week has been pleasing. Just a smidge over 10 hours of total running. I did / do have a bit of a foot niggle however I’m not entirely sure it’s running related and I’m not sure of the source. However it’s improving steadily since starting to bother me Thursday evening. I did skip my long run on Sunday, but it’s always preferable to skip a workout than risk enhancing an injury.

M: EZ60, EZ33
T: EZ61, EZ46
W: EZ63, EZ41
T: EZ74, EZ40 group run where foot started to bother
F: EZ35, EZ27 (testing foot, feeling ok)
S: EZ60 with Desi, foot was improved.
S: EZ15, Desi was feeling ill and I was ok ending the run early since my foot was feeling pretty good. Was planning on a 30 to replace the 1:30 planned long run which I decided to shorten.

Just over 10 hours total time, which was three weeks in a row. Next week will be no doubles and probably around 6-7 weeks.


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