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Training Week of April 11, 2016

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I’m 5 weeks out from the Fargo Half Marathon and I’m just getting back into consistent running from twisting my ankle.

And I’m totally cool.

I kept active during the break with crosstraining and increased my time spend doing other ancillary work. I’m stronger because of it. I’m rested.

This last week I did about 2, maybe 3 hours of running. The week of April 18th I plan on doing about 5 hours, then 7.5, then back up to 10 hours for only a week before a short taper and race. I’m still quite hopeful for a PR or at least a good run.

Three weeks after that is the Crazy Horse Half. Unlike my past events, I’m going to bring a GPS with me during Fargo and if I get to midway and don’t feel a PR is possible, I’ll probably jog it in and treat it as a long run. The hope is to not come out of it wrecked so I can continue training and hopefully hit a better time in Crazy Horse. Frankly, I’m after a PR and I’m willing to sacrifice Fargo if I get to mile 8 and don’t think it’s my day. I don’t want to wreck my body for a 1:25 when I want a 1:22:xx!