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Training Log – Week of Aug 29, 2016

The above plaque was found during a recent run.

Actually, this run was the second run for Desi that day. This day was her highest mileage day thus far, with a 4 miler in the AM and a 10 miler in the PM with me. She’s totally ready for her first half marathon!

So, here is my training from last week!

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The week was certainly not ideal.

I did my first strength workout in a few months on the Monday and while I thought I was being careful, still managed to do too much too soon and my hamstrings were sore!

On Wednesday I had a workout with 2:00 hill reps, but due to soreness I modified the workout a bit to be easier. Unfortunately the 9 mile loop I did that day turned out to be 11.5 miles.

Thursday I cut the regeneration run short to facilitate some healing for Friday’s hard workout. Not surprisingly, my hamstrings were the first to go during the track reps.

But overall it was a great week. Lots of mileage, which will be the norm for a few weeks until my taper for the Crazy Horse Half Marathon in 5 weeks!