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Training Log Week of May 2, 2016

What a super week!

First, I’m starting to work with two new athletes for some great marathons later this year. I also had a lady email me today with some questions.

I hit 10 hours of running finally again. It took a while to get back up there since the ankle sprain (but all is well).

I’m there for a week and won’t be back up there for a long time since I’m now going to cut back a bit and race in two weeks. After that I’ll recover and race again three weeks later.

My trusty pair of SKORA Tempos hit 1000 miles this week and my legs surpassed 1000 miles for the year. They should still be good for a while longer, but I don’t think I trust them for races anymore (the shoes, legs are fine).

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I also published a few articles to SKORA’s blog recently:

Plyometrics | This is the plyometric program I personally use for many of my athletes and myself.

What to do When you Cannot Run | This was inspired from when I recently had to take a week off after twisting my ankle!

How to Run in the Heat | And we’re finally getting into what feels like summer with a few 80 degree days within the last few weeks, so here is some great tips for running and racing in the heat.

Don’t Wear Running Shoes Casually | And more thoughts on shoe durability. My CORE’s are now over 700 miles and the sole is starting to separate from the upper right where the shoe flexes behind the little toe. I’m confident this is more from me wearing them as everyday shoes than as running shoes.