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Training Log: Week of April 6, 2015

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Low volume this week. Big toe bothering me yesterday & much much better today.

NEVER be afraid to ease off the gas and take 1-2 days of light volume. You will always be better off with being overly cautious. Taking 2 days light is superior to risking it, continuing on with training, and getting a full blown injury.

My toe is 99% healed now. If I had done my long run this weekend, how do you think it would feel?!? When it comes to running mileage and injury, the ego is not your amigo!

I told Desi, I thought to myself “if I was my coach, what would I tell me to do?”

So, think to yourself, “What Would Coach Kyle Do?” 😉

However, I did have a couple of GREAT runs.

Wednesday I performed a track workout with the local run club. I ran to the track as a warmup and we did a ladder set of 200, 400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200 at 5k pace. I could have gone harder but decided to just stick at a fairly comfortable effort.

Friday I had a 40 minute tempo run and ran 6.2 miles at 93% half marathon pace. A solid solo effort that was a fairly comfortable pace.

Overall I’m quite happy with the week. I hit two super great workouts and Sunday the toe is no longer bothering me.