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Training Log + Goals for Fargo 13.1

Time to taper!

Fargo is this Saturday and I’m feeling good.

My weight is down, my volume is up, and I’m hoping for a nice half.

Here’s my last week of running. Desi and I went to Big Hill for the “10k” and it went well. I ran it about the same as I did last year, but I think I ran a bit easier this time around, I’m also running a lot more so I’ve felt in general a bit less prepared for races or hard efforts.

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Goals for the Fargo Half Marathon

1) PR. This is the main goal. I’ve lost a few pounds and I’ve increased my average weekly volume over last year. I’ve not PRed in a few years and I’m craving it.

2) Sub 1:26. If I can’t at least go under 1:23 for a PR I’d like to go under the 1:26 I’ve ran for the last three or four half marathons.

3) Not wreck my legs for Crazy Horse. I’m signed up for the Crazy Horse Half two weeks after Fargo. At some point during the race (not before mile 6) I’m going to have to decide if a 1:26 or 1:23 is or is not going to happen. If there’s a chance for one of those times, I’m going for it. If not, I’ll jog it in to reduce the damage on my legs to I can prep a bit better for Crazy Horse.

Big thanks to Mark Warren for always taking awesome race photos!!

Also, I put up a few articles at SKORA’s blog:

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