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Training Dec 2-8 2014

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Super solid week of running. Last Friday through Tuesday was all recovery, with 60 to 120 minutes of elliptical every day. I’m quite pleased with the mileage I was still able to get in with only four days of actual training.

The snow has officially came in full force, and I’m not sure what the plan is going to be this winter. I have no problem getting EZ volume in, but anything much faster becomes dangerous due to ice or packed snow. I can also run at higher efforts, but I can’t do any specific pace work outside.

Move inside you say?

Not so fast. My right hamstring does not allow me to spend too much time on a treadmill, in which case it’s probably best to not spend any time on it. I do have access to a 16 lap per mile track, which can work for short speed sessions. I may have to forego the half marathon goal for next spring in favor of 5k specific work.


I’m also hoping to give people a better idea of my general training. It’s important to realize that training is not only running, but nutrition, sleep, and rest. Thus I’m hoping to log my other daily activities as well:

am – decaf coffee
1pm – pear & oats before 1.5 hours elliptical
4:30 – 2 pizza bagels
7pm – 2 apples sliced & scooped into peanut butter
9pm – 2 bean burritos

9am – oats & peanut butter
9:30 – hour elliptical
2pm – apple
3pm – EZ30
4pm – apple
5pm – veggies on rice with some spring rolls
7pm – 2 bean burritos
10 – munched on an apple & some carrots

9 hours sleep
10am – oats
10:30 – EZ60
1pm – flavorless decaf latte
4pm – oats
6pm – 15 bean soup
7pm -EZ30
8:30 – pizza bagel

9am – oats
9:30 – EZ60
2pm – 2 burritos & 2 apples
2:30 – EZ30
6pm – EZ30
8pm – 2 bagel pizzas (kind on a kick)
10pm – 2 burritos

9 hours sleep
9:30 – oats
10am – EZrun
2pm – oats
2:30 – EZ60
4pm – 4 amino acid tablets
5pm – curry chickpeas & veggies on rice
8pm – 2 burritos

9 hours sleep
9am – bagel & caffeinated coffee
9:30 – EZ100 (1.4% body weight loss)
11:30 – aa pills
Noon – oats
4pm – 2 burritos
6pm – pasta
6:30pm – lifting session
7:30pm – cookies!