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Training 4/7-4/13

So, it was a pretty good week. Nothing to special going on, I’m mainly doing a couple key workouts weekly and following these up with some easy running around them.

My favorite workout of the week was on Wednesday, just an easy 8 miles with 12x30sec max hill sprints. I just felt so good that day, which was about time because Monday and Tuesday’s runs were less than optimal.

The lowlight of the week was Thursday’s threshold workout. As you can see below, I was a bit slow on the repetitions. I think the previous day’s hill reps were a bit much for my legs with the track work the next day. Oh well, even though my splits were a bit slow it was still a great workout!


These upcoming weeks are going to be key. I’ve got two 5k’s coming up at the beginning of March so I’m really focusing on running easy volume between the occasional very high quality sessions. That being said, I’m really looking forward to shifting to half marathon training in March because I’m itching to get my volume up a bit more. 

Week of April 14th
– warm up, 30min tempo @ LT (~6:00) + 5x20m fast with long recoveries, cool down
– Moderate 50 minutes + 40 @ AeT (sub6:30)

Week of April 21st
– warm up, 5x1k at 3:25 with 400m easy jog + cool down
– easy/moderate 110 minutes
– warm up, 30-35 minute tempo @ LT

Week of April 28th – Taper Week
– early week aussie quarters: wu, 6x400m faster then gp + 400m float, cool down
– Friday 5k
– Saturday 5k

That is going to  be a challenging 5k schedule. The Friday one is actually at 6pm so I’ll really have to watch what I eat that afternoon, the worst thing I can do is overeat, but I need to be sure to get in some food!