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Training 4/28-5/4

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So the week certainly did not go as planned.

I was planning on racing a 5k Friday evening and again on Saturday morning. However last weekend/late last week my left calf started to develop a bit of a soreness, likely a result of the tight hamstring the previous week. Nothing that affected my form, just an isolated dull ache. I was able to keep my volume up but skipped any speedwork.

The calf did not feel quite up to par on Wednesday or Thursday so I decided to skip the races. I’m actually glad I did because I never paid for the entry fees and looking at the results they would not have been very conducive to PR’s for me. So, I saved $50 and had two killer workouts this weekend instead!

I kind of had a mini taper/down period these last couple weeks because I tapered before my last race a couple weeks ago and was tapering this week but ended keeping my volume up and cut out all intensity. The week of April 5th is the start of my half marathon training. It’s going to be a long block since it’s looking like the half will be October 5th. Of course I’ll sprinkle in plenty of shorter races along the way.

Desi is liking her new Phase X for Zumba and cycling.

So, what would have been the low point of the week ended up being two of my best workouts in weeks!

I did both weekend runs without any GPS feedback, just kept it at an easy effort with no knowledge of what my pace actually was. The first run was a medium distance and was a steady effort 7:48 average. Sunday Desi and I did a bike-run and I again ran at an easy effort, but attacked the hills a bit. I expected a sub 8 pace, but not a sub 7:30 pace or a sub 7 mile at one point! Got to say I’m apparently feeling really well.

With my anemia, this last week I started taking the pills twice a day. The previous week’s 1 pill daily did not negatively affect my GI system, and so far 2 pills daily is fine as well. I’ll stick with this for a few months and retest my ferritin.


Below are the diet logs of days I was able to record. Of course this is completely anecdotal, but I’ve had more full nights of sleep in the last couple weeks than I may have had all year. There may be something to this magnesium!

8 hours sleep
AM Pills: B12, D3
7am EZ45 + 20min elliptical
8:30 curry, bean, & rice. 1c orange juice + iron pill.
10am Irish Creme Soda
1:30 two pb&j’s
2pm EZ30+10min elliptical
4pm pancakes
8pm 3 veggie burgers, orange juice, iron
pm magnesium

9 hours
10am orange juice, iron pill, fish oil, pancakes
1:30 two tortillas with a little brown sugar and Promise.
3pm Elliptical10, EZ55, Elliptical10
4:30 soy milk and Amazing Grass
6:30 taco Tuesday, orange juice, iron
pm magnesium

7 hours sleep
9am orange, iron pill, peanut butter & honey on toast.
10a E30
Noon three bean burritos
3pm cheese quesadilla
4pm elliptical10, EZ30
7pm spaghetti, garlic bread, orange juice, iron

10 hours sleep
9am two veggie sausage + bagel
Noon Italian creme soda
3pm two slices toast with pb&honey
3:30 EZ55 + hill accelerations
4:30 1c soy milk + Amazing Grass
6pm fajitas, iron supp with oj
pm magnesium