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Training 2/10-2/16

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This was a solid week. Lower mileage but a couple very high quality sessions in there!

A weekly highly was probably the Farklek on Thursday. It consisted of:
warm up
4x (100m @ 5k goal pace (5:30) + 100m jog, 200 @ gp 200 jog, 300 @ gp 200 jog, 400 @ gp 200 jog)
cool down

All of the repetitions at goal pace were done fairly comfortably within 1-2 seconds of the goal split. On a 100m track it often depends on how many of the corners I can take short and how many I have to take wide around walkers, ha!

The¬†low point of the week was nothing to do with my running, but I stupid treadmill. The calibration is just so far off. During the 6k uphill tempo my footpod put me at a 6:30 something average pace but the treadmill was over a 7:00 pace, and there’s not a chance I didn’t even average 7:00 during that run. It was pretty much the highest effort I could maintain for those 6 kilometers.