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Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Shorts Review

To make this review simple, I’ve broken it down into pros and cons of the Van Cortlandt shorts. If you scroll down you’ll see a video review as well!

  •  Pros:
    • I’ve never chafed in them.
      • Plenty of long runs and races have been done in my Van Cordlandt Shorts and not a single time have I experienced any form of skin injury from chafing. That’s something I cannot say about any other pair of shorts.
    • Durable.
      • From the stitching and outer material to the liner, I have yet to notice any structural issues that may arise.
    • Light but they don’t feel cheap.
      • This includes both the liner and outer material. On most light pairs of running shorts they feel rather cheap and fragile, but that is certainly not the case with these Tracksmith shorts. 
  • Cons:
    • Price
      • At sixty bucks, they are probably the most expensive running shorts you’ll ever buy. I’ve seen them have one sale in the last few years, but it’s possible I missed a couple. Even though, like I said above I’m absolutely confident these will outlive any other pair of running shorts.
    • They’re short
      • Some people just don’t like short shorts. Tracksmith does have other options, but this particular model are 4 inch cut inseam. 
    • Not split shorts
      • I have more muscular thighs than I’d probably like (#humblebrag) and this certainly contributes to my preference of split shorts and having to wear a size up from what my waist measurement would typically have me wear. Split shorts are simply less restricting to forward/upward knee and leg drive while running.
    • The liner is a bit snug.
      • I believe the website even says that they don’t leave you hanging, but in my case I’ve felt that it’s a bit too snug. I obviously do not think they’re uncomfortable, but if I went up a size maybe I’d feel more comfortable in them.