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Things Vegan Runners Should Not Buy! – Don’t make my mistake.

Not all “vegan” food that most vegans are raving for are worth buying. ❌

Most of us, especially as newer vegans or vegetarians, have been there — going hard at the fake frozen meat 🍖 section at the grocery store, stocking up on protein supplements, and many more, when in fact, you can choose healthier and more reasonably-priced substitutes for these kitchen products. 

Today you’re going to learn about a few things I initially thought were good ideas and worth buying but have now changed my mind. These are a few things I think most vegan runners should not buy and generally have better alternatives, which I’ll talk about today! 

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on:

🍳 PBFit, why you shouldn’t buy it and what to get instead

🍳 Why I think protein powder is a hassle and what can be a great alternative

🍳 Why I skip fake meat, and what are the alternatives

Watch the video and leave a comment if you have any other suggestions or if you don’t agree with me on any of these things (which is cool).