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There is a right & wrong way to do social


This post is touching on another part of my life, being the Social Media Coordinator for SKORA Running.

I basically spend my days pursing the goal of adding value to peoples’ lives, either as SKORA or as myself. That’s how I hope promote SKORA.

On Instagram for example, I’ll often follow new people and comment on their cool photos, give them advice if their asking questions, or on our page profile share cool photos, good advice, etc. On all of our profiles, there is almost no actual marketing going on in the traditional sense.

Above you’ll see an example of spam.


If you have a personal brand or a business brand, this is not the way to go about promoting your brand. There is absolutely no value added to MyRunningDiary’s life by MagicTeaFit’s post. When SKORA gets these types of comments on our social, I delete them.

Rant over 😉