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The Walk Back


I want to talk about something I do with almost every run.

This is simply to end the run before I get to my doorstep and walk back for a few minutes.

Often during out and backs I’ll go a bit farther past the turnaround and when I get closer to home I’ll stop the workout a block or two (or 4) away from my house and just walk back.

I think the cool-down is not a terribly important aspect of the run, it certainly pales in comparison to the necessity of a warm up. Research even hints that the warm up may play a greater role in reducing DOMS than the cool down, contrary to popular belief.

No, this walk back is simply to relax. I track my workout with my iPhone and walking back for a few minutes allows me to upload my workout to Runkeeper. This is also when I’ll record any notes about the run or thoughts that came during: how did I feel, did I learn anything, what was the perceived exertion, how was my pacing.