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The Last Training Book You’ll Ever Need

Lore of Running has been the “bible” of running books since it was written four editions ago.

I’ve always looked at it as a running text book that is enjoyable to read and covers an incredibly broad rage of topics but in good detail. The thick book covers everything from what happens during heat acclimatization, the best dietary recommendations for peak performance, 10k to ultra marathon training programs, to the training habits of some of the best endurance athletes of the last 100 years.

And if you’re looking for peak performance and have the time to train a great deal and focus the energy necessary to train to some degree like Mark Allen, Bruce Fordyce, or Ann Trason, the book is a must for your collection.

However, if you’re like most people and cannot train 10-15 hours a week, take naps, eat an optimal diet, or are of perfect body composition, it may not be totally applicable to you.

This is where Beyond Training comes in.

Beyond Training Book Review

This is a very well done and thought out book from someone that I hold to the utmost respect when it comes to their knowledge of fitness, health, nutrition, and training.

What you’ll find with Beyond Training is a book that is incredibly easy to follow and comprehend. Unlike Lore of Running, it avoids much of the heavy terminology that most amateur athletes lack real knowledge of.

The absolute best thing about the book is how incredibly simple it is to take in.

Beyond Training Book Review

Interested in ways to beat jet lag? boom. boom. boom. 5 methods laid out 1-5 with descriptions of each bullet point. Or a 5 step formula for turning exercise into relaxation? Done, just follow the steps.

That brings up another good point about the book, it covers such a broad range of subjects. Fitness, recovery, nutrition, lifestyle, the brain. It’s all in there and broken down into easy to follow lists and chapters.

This book is the Lore of Running for people that do not have the “pro athlete lifestyle” attributes, but still want to get the most out of their body for athletic performance and a healthy lifestyle. 

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