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The Art of the Taper

The taper is a dynamic schedule that is best written in pencil and modified daily based on how you’re feeling.

Below is reference on how the last two weeks were for me before a half marathon. My typical weekly volume was 60-70 miles for the couple months before the taper.

M: EZ7-8 with strides
T: warmup, 4 x 1k between 5k-10k with 600m jog recovery, cooldown
W: EZ half hour
T: EZ7-8 with strides
F: wu, 2 x 3mile @ half pace with 3:00 standing rest, cd
S: EZ half hour
52 miles

M: EZ7-8 with strides
T: EZ half hour
W: wu, 4 miles progressing from 6:30 to 6:00 pace, cd
T: EZ half hour
F: rest
S: EZ half hour with strides
S: wu, 13.1 miles at best effort. Ice Cream.
30 miles + half marathon