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The #1 Method for Consistent Running + Shitty Beer

In short: Don’t run through a niggle or discomfort!!!!

A couple weeks ago I was having a (i believe) non-running related discomfort in my foot and reduced my volume for a few days, running only 20 minutes one day instead of the scheduled 2 hours.
However, the foot got continually better every day and I was able to run pain and discomfort free on the Monday when I felt inclined to film this video.

Niggles don’t just get better by themselves if you don’t let them.

I’m quite certain if I would have pushed through it and ran 1.5+ hours daily like I typically do, I would have very much aggravated this to a full blown injury.

It’s perhaps one of the most difficult things to put into practice, not running, but I feel it’s also one of the most important. From my early years as an injured runner to working with runners of all abilities now, I really thing that is one of the most important aspects to healthy consistent running 🙂

Oh, and the shitty beer