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Runner Gift Guide

Stressing about getting a runner a gift? Here are some ideas they’ll LOVE → Click to Tweet Gifting to a runner can be a challenge because running related items can be so much based on preference that it’s hard to pick something. However, the below… Read More »Runner Gift Guide

Alternatives to Gels

<p>I’m going to go over a quick question about alternatives to gels.</p><p>Now gels like typical gels are kind of gross… it’s exactly what you would expect… it’s a gel inside and they often don’t taste great. They’re sometimes not bad but they’re not good either and the consistency really can kind… Read More »Alternatives to Gels

Does Protein Help While Running

<p>I want to talk briefly about a study I recently looked at.</p><p>It looked at carbs and protein versus just carbs vs. no nutrition during a half marathon time trial in recreational female runners.</p><p>There have been some studies that suggested that the addition of protein might be beneficial for endurance sport because the… Read More »Does Protein Help While Running