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injury prevention

Are Softer Surfaces Better?

<p>you hear “Oh run on a soft surface it’s better for your knees” and I want to address that because it’s not necessarily true.</p><p>Like running form, there’s no better or worse running form, only different. It’s the same with surface, there’s no better or worse running surface, only different running surfaces… Read More »Are Softer Surfaces Better?

When to Use Gels?

<p>I typically recommend a gel or whatever your calorie source is, 100 let’s say 100 calories every 30 minutes so.</p><p>Anything longer than maybe 90 minutes should probably start taking in some calories and the important thing to remember is that if you’re training for a marathon and you’re doing a two-hour long run… Read More »When to Use Gels?

Consistency in Running Knowledge

<p>I want to talk today about a newsletter I received from the peak performance newsletter.</p><p>This is from the authors of a book Peak Performance, it’s a good read check it out.</p><p>Today I want to talk about consistency. Not consistency in your training like running every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, but consistency… Read More »Consistency in Running Knowledge

Why you can skip runs.

<p>Today’s video is a little story of an experience that I recently had and I want to use it as a learning experience <strong>for you.</strong></p><p>What happened was I did a really good hard Hill rep workout I and the during the run everything was totally fine. However, the next day I went out… Read More »Why you can skip runs.