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gsm injury

Hip / Glute Routine

This is a favorite routine of mine to do in the morning! It should not be fatiguing, but instead a nice mobility and warmup routine. Static:Active Hip Flexor Stretch3 x (:20 static – :20 active) each side Glute Bridge with Abduction2 x (10 x 5… Read More »Hip / Glute Routine

Blame the Runner

I just added a new Article of Interest to the page. From Outside Magazine, the author discusses something that I’ve seen so many times. He does not say it outright, but it’s there. Runners simply don’t take responsibility for their poor choices.  They blame something… Read More »Blame the Runner

Shoe Surgery

  Experiencing irritation of the achilles tendon by the rubbing of a high and stiff heel tab is an unfortunate and easily preventable injury. I’m not talking about a simple blister here, but actual irritation of the tendon. Achilles tendonitis can hopefully become a thing… Read More »Shoe Surgery