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gsm injury

Baker’s Cyst

First off, please visit the general knee pain page for some info! Now, back to the Baker’s Cyst What it is: A bursa is a fluid filled sac near a joint. A cyst is a membranous sac containing fluid. On the knee, you have a… Read More »Baker’s Cyst

Peroneal Tendonitis

What is peroneal tendinopathy? According to, peroneal tendinopathy is characterized by an aching pain and swelling in the peroneal tendons located in the lower, outside portion of the ankle. A tendon is soft-tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone. The muscles involved in… Read More »Peroneal Tendonitis

Are Softer Surfaces Better?

<p>you hear “Oh run on a soft surface it’s better for your knees” and I want to address that because it’s not necessarily true.</p><p>Like running form, there’s no better or worse running form, only different. It’s the same with surface, there’s no better or worse running surface, only different running surfaces… Read More »Are Softer Surfaces Better?