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Best supplements for runners?

<p>I’m not too huge on supplement taking in general but if you look at the literature &amp; the research &amp; if you ask the experts there are a few trends that encompass 90% of the Supplemental recommendations out there.</p><p>Typically what I like to recommend is the common denominator among the majority of the supplement information and recommendations from the experts.</p><p><strong>What are the recommendations?</strong></p><p>In regards to supplements for athletics, there are really just a couple and it’s <strong>post-workout protein, pre-bed protein and caffein.</strong></p><p>We’ll start with <strong>caffeine</strong> and I usually will simply have some coffee before a race. I drink coffee most mornings so it’s one of the few supplements that will almost always benefit the athlete. If you look at studies and the research there is basically no more consistently beneficial performance enhancing legal supplement better than caffeine.</p><p>Second is protein, which is essential and there are <strong>two major times</strong> that taking protein is important and that is immediately after a harder fatiguing workout and before bed.</p><p>After a workout, whey protein is the gold standard. It’s a fast-acting absorbing protein. You work out and within a half-hour you take a protein supplement good to go!</p><p>Before bed casein is a slower release protein, so that means that this slow release protein acts slower… it’s absorbed slower when you’re sleeping. What you can do is you take a whey protein supplement immediately after a hard training session and you take a casein supplement right before bed. Milk is actually 80 percent casein so what I’ve done is just drink milk or eat some yogurt. Currently, I’m drinking a Silk cashew milk with pea protein in it, which is slower to absorb than whey (but not as slow as casein). </p>

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