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Stretching is Quite the Stretch…

Should you stretch that injury?| Dr. Stephen Gangemi “Sock Doc” | “Traditional stretching does not help injuries because it strains the muscle fibers and connective tissues that are trying to heal.”

Does Stretching Alter Your Muscles or Your Brain? | Alex Hutchinson | Stretching may be more about the brain relaxing the muscles than the muscles actually lengthening, at least the type of stretching most people do.

Quite a Stretch -Stretching research clearly shows that a stretching habit isn’t good for much of anything that people think it is | Paul Ingraham from | “”There is really only one “benefit” to stretching that seems to be clear and (almost) uncontroversial: it does increase flexibility. The trouble is, what is it worth? Is it actually a benefit?””

Stop Stretching Your Hamstrings! | Michelle Edwards | Pulling on any muscle in a static stretch will not make a muscle longer but might damage the tendons and ligaments that keep joints stable during movement. Instead take long walks, lay on a big exercise ball to open the front of your body and try a standing desk.”

They say runners need flexibility, but you may be surprised at the latest thinking | Amanda Loudin |If the springs aren’t tight enough, they can’t do their jobs properly.”

So, if you’re not stretching, what should you do? I recommend a lunge matrix warm up and a light general strength and mobility routine post-workout.