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Here you go! 

👟 Here a few quick ways to GET STRONGER🏃

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There are three areas of strength that I guide my runners through. 

  1. Lower leg foot and ankle strengthening
  2. Hip/Glute/Core strengthening
  3. Upper Body

With the lower leg foot and ankle strengthening, this is the most neglected, even in those who are already doing strength work! However you spend ALL DAY on your feet, so it will due you good to strengthen them so you can run and balance better. The simple routine is below and you can do it a couple times weekly as a simple warmup routine or spend 15 minutes going through it on a rest day. It’s a routine that can be done almost at any time. 

When it comes to your hip/glute/core strengthening, my simple suggestion is to start here and go through this routine 2, maybe 3 times weekly as soon as possible after running. If you’re only running three times weekly, do it after those three runs. If you’re doing 5 runs weekly and two of them are hard/long workouts, do this routine after those two harder runs. That keeps your hard days hard and easy days easy (for your legs). No weight is necessary as you’re doing these on likely fatigued legs after a hard/long run. 

Finally, with your upper body, I’ve been enjoying doing these 10-20 minute tabata style youtube follow along videos. This is a playlist of routines I’ve gone through and enjoyed. If you’re short on time, select a 10 minute one, if you really want to get a good sweat going, pick a 20 minute one. I suggest you can do these routines 1-2x weekly as a rest day from running activity or feel free to do it with an easy run day. 

Bringing it all together, if you habit stack your new strength training with the running you’re already doing, you’re not actually adding much else to your weekly routine. Do these straightaway as a warmup or cooldown to the run you’re already doing. 

And being short on time is no excuse! I tell the runners I coach that I’d rather see them skip a mile or even two of their run but get their strength training in. Who care if you run 3 instead of 4 miles but you get your strength training in vs not! 

Now you know what to do, if you need some help actually getting it done, click here. 


At least 1 set per exercise or leg, feel free to do 2-3 sets though!

Single Leg Balance
1-minute / leg

Single Leg Balance with Heel Raise
(just standing on one leg and moving slowly up onto your tippy toes and slowly back down)
3-10 reps each, 6 second up and 6 second down
**only do a couple of these if they’re very challenging**

Single Leg Balance
Balance on something unstable, such as a rolled-up shirt, a towel, etc.
1-minute / leg

Towel Pull
3-5 x per foot lay a towel/shirt down flat and put a weight or something heavy on one side and pull it towards you with your toes.

Tippy Toe Walk
1 minute

Heavy Farmer Carry


2-5 x 10-30 second carries, preferably barefoot.

Supinated Reverse Lunges or Supinated Squats
Your front leg that remains in place is in a slanted position with the high point at your midline and it goes down as it goes away from your body. You could even, while wearing shoes, stand with a book halfway under your shoe so the inside of your foot is raise above the outside (aka it’s supinated).
8-15 reps in 2-5 sets

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