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Why you can skip runs.

<p>Today’s video is a little story of an experience that I recently had and I want to use it as a learning experience <strong>for you.</strong></p><p>What happened was I did a really good hard Hill rep workout I and the during the run everything was totally fine. However, the next day I went out for an easy 6 or so and my left hip was just a little off. It wasn’t quite right, it didn’t hurt…it wasn’t an injury but it definitely wasn’t good.</p><p>I took the next two days completely off, that was really hard! It’s really hard for runners to not run and I’m really glad I did because I took two days off, the third day I went and did my regularly scheduled run and everything was totally fine!</p><p>Then I took the next day off just to be safe, just to give it another day after the run. It was still good and then since then I’ve been training as normal and it’s been totally fine!</p><p><strong>The alternative</strong> and what I really wanted to do was <strong>not</strong> take those two days off and keep training. You can never be sure but I’m pretty sure that if I would have tried to run those other two days and hoped that everything would have been okay I probably would have made my hip worse and I probably would have had to take a few days to a week or more completely off due to having an injury rather than choosing to take two days off to prevent an injury.</p><p>So next time you feel something’s not quite right make<strong> the right choice,</strong> the ego is not the Amigo when it comes to dictating your training.</p>

Sometimes the best runners are the best at NOT running →

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