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Simple & Effective Upper Body Routine for Runners! – Follow Along

Improving your running ability and decreasing your injury risk is not just about the legs! 🦵

As a running coach, one of the first things I typically do when a runner comes to me for coaching is I get them doing some good running-specific strength work. 

In this week’s video, I’ll go through this short routine that you can do twice weekly and I promise you’ll improve your strength and it will help your running abilities. 🏃

We’ll dive into:

🏋️ Why you as a runner are missing out if you’re not doing a good running-related upper body strengthening routine

🏋️ Exact routine that you can do to elevate your strength and running.

I hope this video will convince you about the benefits of an upper-body strength routine. After watching it, drop a note on the comment box and let me know your thoughts!