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“Should I focus on weight loss or running?”

<p>I was private message this question on Instagram. It’s a good question so I wanted to publicly answer it.</p><p>This individual wants to get back into training and asks if they should worry about losing weight or just running. They say they’ve gained about 30 pounds so it’s a good question.</p><p>What I think is they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Running will burn extra calories which can aid in fat loss BUT as someone who has lost 80 pounds, nutrition comes first for weight loss.This losing weight will help the running as well.</p><p>I would try to focus on a slight calorie deficit most days out of the week.</p><p>Weightlifting is super helpful when trying to lose weight because you increase your muscle mass, you increase the calories you’d burn just in general at rest, so that’s super helpful. Being in a slight calorie deficit will help you burn extra fat but doing the run training will also help.</p><p>If I were to say focus on one, I would ask “do you care more about fat loss or running fitness” BUT like I said they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can really do both, it depends a lot of your abilities. If you can’t run that much right now, like if you can only run 20 minutes comfortably then that’s not really burning that many calories, so you’re gonna, have to really watch your diet to make up for how much you can’t run. Cross-training can help, like the elliptical or cycling or rowing, lifting can help.</p><p>So there’s a lot there’s a lot going on, the answer is not super simple but I would probably focus on the one that’s most important to you!</p>

Here are some good thoughts on losing weight while in run training →

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