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Self Belief


When I turned pro during the 2nd half of 2013 a change in my mindset also took place.

Like a research subject performs better when they are wearing a “doctors lab coat” instead of a “painters coat”, perhaps I too will act more professional by simply giving myself such a title. A new sense of purpose, dedication, and self confidence.

Ryan Hall said about the East Africans, after spending some time there:

My last thought about Kenya and what makes the runners here so special is their incredible self-belief. I have never met a group of runners so confident in their abilities, even if they are unproven. For example, you cannot tell the difference between a 2:04 marathon runner and a 2:20 marathon runner in Kenya; they exude the same confidence and self-belief.

Aside from their confidence, the East Africans have other training elements that I have begun to implement into my life and workouts:

  • Group Training – While I do train solo, I often train at the rec center. Having people and such a facility no doubt does increase the amount of time I spend doing GSM (vs at home) and the spectator factor, without a doubt, increasing my run performance.
  • Long and Meticulous warm ups. I’m trying to spend half of my training time doing warm up, cool down, drills, GSM, etc.
  • Organic Running by feel. EZ/MOD/MED/FAST, no relying super heavy on electronics
  • Ending a workout early if they feel a niggle. Taking strong care of how they feel.
  • Consistently cheerful and happy.
  • EZ when tired, hard when feeling good.
  • Lots of ankle strengthening and flexibility work.


  • Committed level of intensity for each session
  • “Whatever you do, do it well.”
  • All that matters during a training session is the session.


  • Giving running and my goals the respect they deserve
  • Ensure I am rested for sessions


  • At all costs, finish a set
  • Don’t quit, don’t slow. Be determined.

Update: Here is a great article on “The Professional State of Mind”!