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Running Split Shorts vs Half Tights – Janji Clothing Review!

Are half tights the next ultimate marathon shorts? 🕵️

I’ve noticed runners rocking some half tights for races and I wanted to give them a shot to see if I like them for myself.  I’ve always been a split shorts guy, so trying out half tights was a fun kind of trial run for me. 

In this video, you’re gonna learn about the differences between wearing split shorts and half tights, and a really cool company offering a wide range of high-quality running apparel. 🏅

Join me as I uncover:

🩳 The differences and the features of split shorts and half tights

🩳 My personal experience with half tights

🩳 Overview of Janji

🩳 What to wear on marathon: half tights or split shorts

Let me know in the comments which type of bottoms is your way to go. Would you also wear half tights on your next marathon?