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Running By Power

Hey there runner!

So I have two things for you today 🙂

First, tomorrow I’m sending out a special edition of my Easy Vegan Meal Plan with vegan kosher recipes. I’m not Jewish but will still be making some of these for Easter because I enjoy trying new food! If you want to get those recipes, sign up here.

Second, a bit of a vlog where I go through my experience trying out my Coros GPS watch and training by power instead of heart rate, pace, or perceived exertion.

As this is a fairly new type of equipment, you may not even know how this works or is measured, so check out the video and learn if it’s something you may want to implement in the future!

What are my experiences training by power?!

Using power instead of pace, heart rate, or exertion can be helpful because:

Power can be a more constant # over rolling terrainThis can mean better pacingIt’s an objective assessment of your fitnessNear instantaneous feedback and informationand more!So again, check out the video and see what I had to think.

If you have any experiences, positive or negative, with using power, I’d love to hear them in the comments section of the video 🙂

-Coach Kyle

ps. and if you missed it, here is a recent video where I explained how I like to get extra protein in.