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“Running is bad for your knees”

What’s up runner? Coach Kyle here!

The best article email is taking a new twist today.

Instead of a few different topics, we’ll cover the one this guy seems to feel is fake news, that running is actually good for your bone health 😉 I’m sure you’ve been told that your running will ruin your knees, but the research actually suggests otherwise. 

What are the perceptions about running and knee joint health among the public and healthcare practitioners in Canada? | Esculier, Krowchuck, Li, Taunton, Hunt | “Filling knowledge gaps will help inform knowledge translation strategies to better orientate the general public and HCP about the safety of running for knee joint health”

Long Distance Running and Knee Osteoarthritis A Prospective StudyEliza F. Chakravarty, MD, MS | “The objective of this study was to determine if differences in the progression of knee OA in middle- to older-aged runners exist when compared with healthy nonrunners over nearly 2 decades of serial radiographic observation.

Running May Be Good for Your Knees | Gretchen Reynolds“Bones should be jarred, for their own good.

5 Experts Answer: Is Running Bad for Your Knees?Lauren Cox | “We know that weight-bearing exercise, such as running, helps prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Repetitive weight bearing and motion are good for the joints, and running essentially does that.”

 As always, you keep running & I’ll keep running!!! 🙂 

-Coach Kyle