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Running at a standstill?


At the below video I talk about a couple things a runner can do when they’ve stalled a bit with their improvement.

Something I discuss is adding in a once weekly workout. These can range from a track workout to a tempo run.

The most important thing when looking to change your training is to not change it too suddenly. 

I’ve made the mistake of jumping in to speed sessions a bit too aggressively after a period of rest. This leads to sore calves and potential injury.

You must be mindful and conservative. Start with a few 200 or 400m (once around a track) harder laps if you’ve never done a track workout before. Start with a tempo run of 2 easy miles, 1 mile moderate/hard, and 2 easy miles.

Over time each week you can gradually add more repetitions at the track or make the distances you run hard slightly longer. You can move from 6 x 400m to 8 x 400m or 5 x 600m. Go from 1 mile hard to 1.5 miles hard then 2 miles hard.