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Run when the inspiration strikes


The #1 benefit of working on my own hours is that I can do as I please, when I wish.

This affords me the incredible luxury of running whenever I feel like it.

Whenever the motivation strikes.

Luckily it strikes at least once a day, sometimes two or three times.

I’ll often do a quality session right away in the morning, which could give me 1.5 days recovery until my next run at noon the following day. Or I could have a session at 7am and another 8 hours later at 3pm.

Another option when I have a hard session scheduled (and what I generally do) is go into my morning run with no expectations. It could turn into an EZ30 or if motivation strikes, I may do the workout. If motivation is not found, I’ll do the workout in afternoon after I’m loosened up from the day.

Many say that weekends or not having a schedule is tough, to get your work done (whatever it may be). I however disagree. I’ve found that not having a schedule, or making my own, lets me work best as I can do whatever I feel like whenever I most feel like it!