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Reynaud’s Syndrome

because today we’re talking about cold toes!

And fingers…

Unnaturally cold ?️

If this condition is something you deal with in the fall, winter, and spring, I hope you’ve figured out how to manage it, and if so, I have a request ?

And if you are not sure if you have this but you suspect there’s something not quite normal with how cold your toes or fingers get, then?pay attention ?

Because today I’m talking about Reynauds!

In this video, IF you have Reynaud’s Syndrome I’d love it if you dropped a comment on it talking a bit about your experiences.

Share what you’ve learned!

And if you’re a newer runner and/or perhaps have not figured out how to best deal with this problem, check out the video and the comments for some helpful info so you can continue to run happily and healthily in all weather conditions 🙂 

Coach Kyle