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A GREAT Tool for Fat Loss

Earlier on in the week I talked about on my Instagram stories and Facebook stories about a dieting tactic that I like to recommend people to use and it’s called refeeding, calorie shifting, or intermittent dieting.

I’m currently trying to lose some body fat, those last few percentage points and my calorie limit is 2200 calories daily. For those trying to eat fewer calories it can be extremely helpful if you plan on a higher calorie day. On a refeed day I’m gonna have some pizza, I’m gonna have an extra breakfast burrito and how I’m refeeding. I’m not refeeding with junk food!

How can this benefit somebody trying to lose weight?

First off, the refeed days can help prevent your body metabolism from dropping, which can happen during an extended period of lower food intake. 

Aside from preserving metabolism, this can also help preserve lean muscle mass. Losing fat is great, but it’s better if you keep the muscle mass!

Planning the refeed days for the higher training load days can help with adaptation and recovery from the hard sessions. 

Aside from the physical benefits of refeeding, mentally knowing that if you eat under your calorie limit five days weekly you have two days where you can eat more!