Video 1

Dialing in your diet

I’ll walk you through a few simple and actionable ideas you can consider to make sure your diet is as healthy and sustainable (for the world and your life) as possible.

In this video, you’ll learn:

▶️ Why you don’t have to worry about protein.

▶️ Tips on easily improving your overall diet.

▶️ About any supplements you may need.

Most of the runners I coach are busy people and that means the good nutrition, running, and mentality habits I help them with must to be simple and actionable because the primary goal is to make small impactful changes that add up over time. 

The lower the activation energy needed to do something or change something, the better, and that’s the ultimate goal – to make our lives a little better 🙂 

Action Steps

1️⃣ Record your diet for a week, look for 1 or 2 easy improvements you can make.

2️⃣ Go through your fridge and storage, do you have many items with added sugar, corn syrup, etc within the first 3 ingredients?

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