Your quick-start guide to

becoming be BEST plant-based runner possible!

Is this you?

✔️Vegan, vegetarian, or curious about such a diet.

✔️Distance (5k or longer) runner.

✔️You don’t believe animal products are necessary for optimal health + performance.

✔️You want to make sure you’re eating & running as healthily & sustainably as possible.

✔️Don’t want to “waste” time figuring it out or want to confirm you’ve figured it out!

Then you’re in the right spot!

In this 3-part video series, you’ll go through a simple to digest 15 total minutes of no-fluff exact steps to becoming the best plant-based runner you can be without being asked where you get your protein from 😳

Video 1: Easily actionable tips to improve your diet

Video 2: The 2 most important aspects of smart running.

Video 3: Bringing it all together with a healthy & productive mentality.