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Proven tips to improve your running!

Running is such a sport that small changes go a very long way to making everything more comfortable and sustainable, which all comes back around to making you happiest 😁, healthier, and stronger.

Today I’m going through some quick questions and answers when it comes to improving how well you and your running feels!

I’ll go over a few topics such as quick tips on if your arch aches while running, how to lower your heart rate, is honey or maple syrup good fuel, my favorite running books, and more!

🦺 How to shop for a running vest.

🌞 How hot is too hot to run?

👟 Does changing running shoes help with arch pain?

❤️ Best tip to lower your heart rate while running.

🍯 Does honey or maple syrup work as a running fuel?

😩 Is your running making you tired throughout the day, here’s what to do!

…and more!

I hope this video helps you improve your running. If you have any additional tips or suggestions, please share them in the comments section.