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Pre-Race Report

This is a set of questions I have each of my athletes fill out in the few weeks prior to an A or longer tune-up race.

Hopefully this should help put all your ducks in a row and finalize the details. It’s nice to force the athlete to think things out a bit as well as to give the coach a more clear understanding of what the processes will be leading up to and during the event for the runner.

If you have any other suggestions on questions I could include, please leave a comment!


Your Name:

The Event
Event Name:

Ultimate Goal
What would a perfect race be for you?
What about a secondary goal?

What are your travel plans for this event. Will you need a day off for travel to the destination? Are you driving? Who will be with you and will someone be able to hold on to your gear during the run?

Where are you staying? What is the travel time to the race start? What time do you have to wake up?

Race Strategy
Pre -Race
What will your nutrition plan be for the morning of the race?
What gear will you be wearing? Don’t forget the little things like chafing cream!
Will a warm-up be possible? Will you be standing in a corral for a half hour?
What will you wear before the event, will you need to stay warm?

What is your nutrition plan during the event?
Go through your pacing strategy.

Will a cooldown be possible?
What are you going to do immediately post-race?