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Playing for Keeps


Ask yourself “Can I give more?” The answer is usually “yes”.

-Paul Tergat

Amateur is French for “lover of” and from the LatinĀ amator, which means “lover”.

It often refers to someone who engages in an activity or pursuit for the love of it, sans payment.

Amateurs play for the fun of doing the activity. They do the hobby part time, maybe a weekend warrior. Maybe it’s an escape from their regular job/life.

Generally it’s assumed that professionals do their vocation for money, just to get paid, while amateurs are the ones that do it for the enjoyment.

However, I look at it another way.

I’ve adopted a professional attitude and state of mind towards running because I love the lifestyle so much that I wish to dedicate my life towards it.

It’s a minority who can say they gave something everything they had to give.

Few people ever actually reach their potential in a pursuit.

I want to be the best I can be at something.

Committing full time.

Playing for keeps.

7 days a week.